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Welcome to freedom.


We understand Australia and the challenges of distance, remoteness and connectivity.

You want technology solutions that work and give you increased mobility and access to information at your fingertips.



Everybody expects access to Wi-Fi. We enable public Wi-Fi for main streets, public buildings, accommodation operators and remote locations.


Save time and money by taking advantage of innovative solutions to help you monitor critical systems in remote locations without having to be there in person.


Never lose a critical email again and access your email from anywhere from all of your devices. The same data on different platforms can save you time and energy.


If your PC security has been compromised or infected we have the skills to remove any threats, giving you peace of mind and letting you get back to business.


Don’t put up with a slow computer any longer. We have seen it all and can restore great performance to your PC with minimal downtime to keep your business running.


These can be a major expense for a business. We will find you cost effective solutions to keep your business running efficiently throughout the changeover.



We provide specialist expertise and technology to create secure public Wi-Fi networks – in parks, public buildings, caravan parks, hotels, motels, care facilities and even for private use. Monitor internet usage and connected users, connection times, download limits and speeds all via your secure Wi-Fi access.

Public Wi-Fi has been shown to increase economic benefit to those who host them. With free Wi-Fi, people stay longer and spend more – at your business, in your town. Connecting more often, people take time to post photos of their meal, their trip, or their grandchildren on social media. Empower your town’s visitors to stay connected and promote your area.

The digital age had been embraced by all ages and cultures. People’s demand for connectivity continues to grow exponentially, especially for those travelling from overseas who may not have supported coverage in Australia. Lynch Technology have solutions to outdoor public places, shopping malls, parks, remote beaches and the back paddock.

Breaking the traditional constraints of having to access 240v and an internet provider onsite means Lynch Technology can provide innovative solutions for all your internet needs without breaking the budget.

We also provide ongoing support and repairs for existing Wi-Fi systems.

If you need to improve your Wi-Fi coverage inside your office or your house, then speak to us about the options available. Data in the paddock or the yards is achievable too. We use reliable wireless technology to push internet or communications over 40km where needed. With industry proven reliable hardware we service properties throughout outback Australia and even 20km out to sea.

If you are not satisfied with your satellite data connection or are still waiting for the NBN rollout in your area, we are able to help you improve your internet resources, with our expert knowledge and know-how in remote communities with proven solutions.


As you strive to achieve continuously improving productivity in the field, data accessibility in remote areas, paddocks or yards is becoming even more important. We provide solutions for monitoring weather conditions, stock movements, water troughs, tanks and pumps all from the comfort of your home as well as giving you the ability to turn pumps on and off remotely too.

We can help:

  • identify frost in your vineyard
  • upload paddock data in the field
  • supply and install remote weather stations
  • install live video to monitor trough and tank levels
  • provide remote pump switching
  • monitoring via your mobile phone


Email is an essential part of any business. At Lynch Technology we offer support for all hosted email platforms and have managed countless email migrations and upgrades. We will save you hours of being on hold to your provider and we will have the issue resolved quickly so you can get on with business.

If reliability and access across multiple devices to your emails, calendar and contacts is what you are after then we can provide the solution. Read, respond to and manage emails while you are on the move via your phone or tablet, knowing it will all be on your PC when you get home. And if you lose your phone then you can pick right up where you left off when you get your new device.

Setup a single email addresses for improved customer support and consistent branding by enabling one email to be utilised by multiple people.



If you suspect your security has been compromised or your system is running slower than a wet dog, then it is worth having it checked for malware and viruses. These infections can prevent access to the internet, cause data to be lost and slow your PC down unbearably. We can check your system’s health remotely and let you know what steps to take next. Keep your data safe – it is critical to your business. We offer great prices on antivirus software and provide expert advice on prevention and recovery strategies should the unthinkable happen. System crashed? Call us now.



Talk to us about a PC clean-up before committing to the purchase of a new computer or laptop. You may be pleasantly surprised at the increased performance we can achieve with some simple clean-up tools and techniques. You won’t need to take your computer to the shop for a week of testing – we can help you quickly and efficiently from the comfort of your own office. Never take your computer anywhere again, call us for all your computer problems.



When it does come time to upgrade, we can provide cost effective solutions to keep you up and running. This includes:

  • PCs
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Routers
  • Antivirus software
  • Backups
  • Data transfers between PCs

Along with this we can provide Microsoft Office and financial accounting assistance.

Phone: 0427 263 182 (South Australia and Western Victoria)